A website devoted to information about Massanutten a popular resort community in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

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Skiing, Snowboarding, Tubing

      If you love snow then Massanutten Ski Resort is where to go.  You have snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowtubing to choose from.   Here is a little something about each snow sport plus information about trails and a map.

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SKIING in Massanutten

    Skiing in Massanutten Resort

     Massanutten features 14 trails to ski in the resort.  Each trail is rated by a system that is unique to Massanutten. They are divided pretty equally between beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

     Begin by starting with the easy trails and working your way up until you are comfortable with your own abilities and with both your  own knowledge and familiarity with skiing slope involved.

     Massanutten Ski Resort features a vertical drop of 1,100 ft with a peak elevation of 2,925 ft, a base elevation of 1,750ft, and top elevation of 2,860ft.  There are 70 acres of skiing along with snowboarding and snow tubing. View the Massanutten ski slope Trail Map.

Below are trail listings for Massanutten:

Cross Trail                      700 ft

Easy Street                      500 ft

Southern Comfort          2,300 ft

Geronimo                    1, 225 ft

Upper Rebel Yell           1,800 ft     (renamed Showtime)

Lower Rebel Yell           1,000 ft     (renamed Showtime)

Yee Ha                           300 ft

Lower Dixie Dare           1,000 ft    (renamed MakAttack)

Pacesetter                    1,000 ft

Mass Transit                 2,000 ft

Paradice                       4,100 ft

Diamond Jim                 3,300 ft

Upper Dixie Dare           1,800 ft

CMB Terrain                    850 ft

Nutten To It        A new trail just added !


SNOW BOARDING in Massanutten Resort

   Snowboarding in Massanutten Resort 

     Sherman Poppen, some say, was the first to invent the snowboard.  He was an engineer and created a toy for his daughter by tying two skis together in 1965 and put a steering rope on the nose. He let his wife name his invention and she called it "The Snurfer." Snowboarding has become quite the rage lately and boy is it fun!

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      Massanutten  Ski Resort has two terrain parks to enjoy.  The CMB Terrain park is open to snowboards, snowblades and skis.  The Easy Street Terrain Park is great for beginners to learn on.

SNOWTUBING in Massanutten Resort

     Massanutten has a wonderful snowtubing park. The Peak Mountain Express Tube Park features a 900 foot long hill with multiple lanes.   

     There are many two hour long sessions running throughout the day to choose from. The first session starts at 9 am . Depending on snow conditions it can be a fast run down that hill. You can even train or link together the tubes when conditions permit.

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