A website devoted to information about Massanutten a popular resort community in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

An Insiders Information Guide on Massanutten

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What's with that name?

     The name Massanutten comes from a Native American word for basket. The peak of the mountain is basket shaped. Locals, and those of us who live here (especially us gardeners who love to dig) call this place mass a nothing. View a picture and read more about what this massofnothing is made out of.

Massanutten Resort, the history:

     Gerald T. Hopkins, a businessman, decided to build a vacation heath resort known as Rockingham Springs in the 1800's. It was marketed as a summer get a way for people to improve their health by being outdoors enjoying nature.

     The early vacation resort featured a hotel built out of yellow pine and some additional smaller building units that could allow room for longer stays. People came to visit the springs for their restorative properties and now the area is called  Massanutten Resort. Read more about Massanutten's long history here.

About me:

     My name is Sharon and I live in Massanutten, Virginia. Our house is located in a quiet residential area inside the resort community of Massanutten. I am a mother of 8 children (yes, I had them all.)

     Maybe with that said you are thinking that there is not much to do here. Oh but there is! Check out the links to your upper left and you will see. Massanutten Resort is firstly known as a Virginia ski resort but we also have golfing, swimming, snowboarding, snowtubing, horse trail rides, river adventures, a skate park and a very nice new water park in addition to the skiing.

     Please also checkout the what to do link to find some interesting places to go while you are here. I have also included a link for local hotels and places to stay near to Massanutten Resort. When you are done checking everything out you will surely see that we really do have all seasons covered. Take your next vacation here at Massanutten Resort.

     These pictures below are of my yard and family.


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